Feature film, written and directed by Yanie Dupont-Hébert

Feature film, written and directed by Yanie Dupont-Hébert

Short Synopsis

Annie, a shy librarian with the ability to create parallel universes through Claude Gauvreau’s poetry, meets Lola, a femme fatale who accumulates as many lovers as she throws parties. Despite their differences, their interest for the same jaded jazz pianist and their numerous misunderstandings, they soon become bonded by a strong friendship. When Annie learns that Lola has cancer, she invents fantasy worlds overshadowing Lola’s illness, the pain caused by her treatments, the woes of the hospital’s strange staff and even death itself...

Characters - Inspiration

Project Progress


Yanie met Lola. Lola worked part time as a press agent, Yanie as a librarian.


Yanie and Lola quarreled over the same jazz musician.


Lola became sick with leukemia, she received treatment but unfortunately died.


Yanie shot the short film My Life’s Little Things (Les choses de ma vie) inspired by notes Lola wrote in the hospital while she was sick.


Following its premiere at the RVCQ, was screened at a dozen film festivals around the world. (Marseille, Prague, Toronto, Lausanne, Clermont Ferrand) and was picked up by Spira Films Distribution.


Yanie shot Indian Summer (L’Été Indien), a short film using a new narrative technique that would be later used in Lola and I.


My Life’s Little Things featured on Video Femmes 10 shorts compilation and toured numerous movie theaters around Canada. Motivated by the film’s success, Yanie started writing the screenplay of a feature film based on her friendship with Lola. At this time, the project was entitled Friends for Life and Yanie gained a grant from SODEC to write the first draft.


Yanie completed the first draft of her script.


Yanie completed the second version of Friends for Life, which became Lola and I. Yanie earned a second grant from SODEC, this time to write the script’s final draft.


Lola and I is selected among 235 international projects for the Screenwriter’s Pavilion at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.


Plusieurs comédiens sont confirmés au casting: Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Neils Schneider, Guylaine Tremblay et Rémy Girard.


Des collaborateurs artistiques se joignent au projet: Louis-Jean Cormier à la musique, Guy Dufaux à la direction photo et Stéphane Lafleur au montage et Sébastien Thibault aux illustrations.


Dépôt en production à la SODEC.

Historique du projet

Yanie Dupont-Hébert
– Bio

Yanie is a writer/director who works on documentaries, fiction projects and the web. She travels the world on the lookout for inspiration, and as a passion. She is an active member of Kino Montreal and one of its board members. She worked for many years as a guest artist/videographer with the Farine Orpheline Cherche Ailleurs Meilleur art collective. She presents film workshops to children and likes working with cameras.

Her fiction work has been shown at many festivals around the world (winning her best screenplay and best direction), and her documentary work has earned many prizes and nominations here in Quebec (best documentary series, best director, the multiculturalism award). She is currently working on her first feature film: Lola and I (selected for the Screenwriter’s Pavilion at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival), which is produced by Groupe PVP.

Email : yanie@lolaetmoi.ca


L'été indien

Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne

Les prix du KIDS Festival Espagne

Semi finaliste Martinique film festival

Semi finalist Creactive Open

Sélection Los Angeles CineFest

Selection WIND festival

Selection Fort Myers Film Festival

Festival Cinema Ville Québec

Les choses de ma vie





Nuit du court de Lausanne

Instants Video Marseille

Les Courts des Grands

Clermont Ferrand



Script and Direction

Yanie Dupont-Hébert

Visual Design:

Greg Nowak


Groupe PVP


Sébastien Thibault

La Maison des Scénaristes

Developed in collaboration with SODEC


Christophe Audeguis
Michel Gauthier
Vincent Leroux
Vic Pelletier


Chantale Pagé (Maison 4:3)

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